The EUROPACH consortium brings together researchers based at four European universities – Humboldt University in Berlin (Institute for European Ethnology), Goldsmiths, University of London (Department of Sociology), University of Basel (Department of History) and Jagiellonian University (Institute of Sociology) – and works with another research who is based at a fifth academic institution, the Free University of Berlin. This network has been constructed to provide complementary theoretical and methodological knowledge from various scientific disciplines and areas of research. To meet and learn more about the work of the various EUROPACH research team members, simply click on their names below:

// Peter-Paul Bänziger

// Beate Binder

// Lina Bonde 

// Zülfukar Çetin

// Agata Dziuban 

// Friederike Faust 

// Ulrike Klöppel

// Martin Lengwiler

// Martin Lücke

// Emily Jay Nicholls

// Marsha Rosengarten

// Todd Sekuler

// Justyna Struzik 

// Alper Turan