Lina Bonde

Lina Bonde is currently enrolled as a master student at the Centre for Transdisciplinary Gender Studies at the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin focusing on qualitative research methods, trans* materialities and regulation of bodies and diagnoses and through her work as a student research assistant at EUROPACH also more specifically on HIV/AIDS.  During her exchange at the University of Copenhagen, Bonde did research about men assigned female at birth, but who had chosen to grow up differently. The feeling of masculinities and access to a body/bodies of your own were her main focus. The research was presented at the 4th Nordic Transgender Symposium: Decolonializing Transgender in the North, the Finnish Sociology Conference (Sosiologia Päivät) and G16. Bonde has a Bachelor in Sociology from the University of Helsinki focusing on gender, migration and international law. She has worked in various projects in the field of integration and asylum in Finland and Berlin. Latest position held was at MILES, Zentrum für Migranten, Lesben und Schwulen, where she worked with newly arrived queer refugees in Berlin. She freelances for among other Astra, a feminist award-winning magazine in Finland. Her two most recent articles were on access to the body, integrity and memory as an aging person living in a care facility (Bortglömda minnen dränkta i kaffetårar) and the feeling of androgynous bodies (Brev till hon som fanns innan ordet hen). Writing not only articles, but also poetry, her first longer poetic piece on feminist futures will be published in the anniversary publication of Astra in March 2018.