Peter-Paul Bänziger

Peter-Paul Bänziger  is a fellow at the Center for Interdisciplinary Research ZiF, University of Bielefeld, and a senior researcher at the Department of History, University of Basel. He studied history and philosophy at the University of Zurich, where he received his PhD in 2008. He held an assistant professorship (without tenure track) at the University of St Gallen and was senior scholar at the Center “History of Knowledge” (ZGW), ETH Zürich and University of Zurich. Visiting scholarships led him to the EHESS (Paris), the Universities of Vienna and Cologne, and to Columbia University (New York City). In summer 2017, he finished the manuscript of his second book (Habilitation), titled Die Moderne als Erlebnis. Eine Geschichte der Konsum- und Arbeitsgesellschaft, ca. 1850-1940 (Modernity as Intensity. A History of the Consumer and Work Society, ca. 1850-1940). His main areas of research are body history, media history, history of knowledge, and economic history. His main publications are Sex als Problem. Körper und Intimbeziehungen in Briefen an die “Liebe Marta” (2010); Sexuelle Revolution? Zur Geschichte der Sexualität im deutschsprachigen Raum seit den 1960er Jahren (2015, ed. with M. Beljan, F. X. Eder and P. Eitler); Histories of Productivity. Genealogical Perspectives on the Body and Modern Economy (2017, ed. with M. Suter). Additional information: