Our Goals


Terms and Labels What (gendered, racialized, sexualized, classed, etc) figures, concepts and narratives are produced with the varied terms and labels in use to engage with HIV/AIDS? What are the genealogies of the terms and labels, and how do they shape, reflect and neglect the politics and cultural dynamics of the epidemic?


Policy Instruments Along what trajectories do cultural logics take shape, travel and transform in HIV/AIDS policy instruments? How do these entanglements relate to the dynamics of power within Europe, and the historical contexts of rights, government and health within which they emerge and are rearticulated?


Policy Worlds What do activist narratives and artistic portrayals of the past reveal about the socio-cultural praxis of policy (i.e. policy worlds)? In particular, what do they reveal about the conditions of existence and abandonment within contemporary HIV?


Citizenship What citizenship models emerge in relation to the HIV/AIDS epidemic in Europe, and what are their commonalities and differences? How must citizenship analysis at the nexus of sexuality, health and the body be expanded to account for the transnational dynamics of the epidemic in Europe?


Futurity What problems arise in the landscape of European citizenship based on research from the other axes, and what are routes for improvement in terms of health, rights and responsibilities that are grounded in the knowledges and affective attachments of the past? What implications do these problems have on the possibilities afforded by recent biomedical technologies in the fight against the epidemic, and on the broader fields of gender, sexuality, migration, drug use and health disparities?