Project outcomes

The EUROPACH project has promised an exciting collection of outputs, several of which are already well underway. With these efforts, we seek to offer support for ongoing activist, academic, artistic, and other governmental and non-governmental work. In addition to the European HIV/AIDS Archive and library of HIV/AIDS related resources, both of which are presented in more detail in this section, we will produce an on-line interactive map of HIV/AIDS policy entanglements.Developed to extend beyond the academic world within which it is being produced, we hope that this map will provide a resource for our non-academic partners and other stakeholders to critically reflect on their own and other possible trajectories, tactics and foci of advocacy, and to recognize and build on the explicit and implicit dialogic cross-nourishment of advocacy models, goals and strategies. We also hope that the European HIV/AIDS Archive will offer a particularly rich supply of data as the material provided therein can be explored from a wide range of disciplinary and extra-academic angles and methodologies. The visual, audio, textual, historical, social and cultural dimensions of each addition to the archive will provide abundant material for intricate and comparative analyses that we hope to extend far beyond the intentions and possibilities of the project. So please have a look inside and see what we have been up to, and also what we have in store for the future.

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