17 Years' Supply, Germany
70 x 7 The Meal act XXVI, France/UK
A l'ami qui ne m'a pas sauvé la vie, France
À quoi ça ressemble la fin du désir ?, France
AIDS, Poland
AIDS is good business for some, Denmark/Norway
AIDS Yazilari, Turkey
AIDS´I Durduralım - Let´s Stop AIDS, Turkey
Aide Mémoire – ein schwules Gedächtnisprotokoll, Germany
Aids Memorial (München), Germany
AIDS Ungleich Tod, Germany
Aidsfieber, Germany (BRD)
America Is Not Ready For This, Poland
An Ongoing Song, Netherlands
Anhedonia, Serbia
Anti Body, UK
Apt. 779, Russia
Art against Aids, Sweden
Bangles, Mexico/Germany
Bar; Hospital; Geisterstunde; Traum; Paar, Germany
Blister, Germany
Blue, UK
Bright Eyes, UK
Cachorro, Spain
Carrying, Spain
Cocoon, Turkey
Collection, Germany
Collection, France
Collection, Germany
Collection, Sweden
Collection, Ukraine
Coming out, Germany (BRD)
Confessions, Lithuania
Corps à corps, journal du Sida, France
Cytomégalovirus, France
Dans ma chambre, France
Dear Mum, Turkey
Denkmal für die im Nationalsozialismus ermordeten Homosexuellen (Berlin), Denmark/Norway/Germany/UK
Denkraum: Namen und Steine, Germany
Derek, UK
Dinero=Poder=Muerte (Money=Power=Death), Spain
Die Himmelswiese - Die kleinen Wunder von Baan Gerda, Germany
Discarded Drug Baggies, UK
Disease, Sweden
Diverse, Germany
Don’t Walk S/S 2007, Sweden
Dreck am Stecken, Germany
E Agora? Lembra-me, Portugal
El Tajo (The Slit), Spain
Ein Virus kennt keine Moral, Germany
Engelordnungen, Germany
Es ist spät, ich kann nicht atmen: ein nächtlicher Bericht, Germany
Exposed to Virus and Fashion, Croatia
Every mother's son/children of suffering , Nigeria/UK/USA
Familiars, UK
FCK HIV, Netherlands
Female Disappearance Syndrome, Spain/Chile
Feuer unterm Arsch, Germany
Fickende Fische, Germany
Für Immer Burgen, Germany
Γυναίκες από Χώμα / Women from Earth, Greece
Gilbert & George for AIDS, UK
Good boy, France
Graffiti, Mexico/Germany
Grind/r, Poland
HIV Pozitif Hayatın Günlüğü, Turkey
The Horizon, Croatia
Hospital, Germany
House of Boys, Germany/Luxemburg
I Don't Eye . Queer . Faith . Protest, Germany/Pakistan/USA
Incir Reçeli, Turkey
"Is AIDS a business or a disease?", Spain
Ja i AIDS, Poland
Ja i AIDS (exhibition), Poland
Jak malowany ptak, Poland
Jean Genet is Dead, United Kingdom
Journal Annales, France
Kaltes Tor, Germany
Kisieland, Poland
Krzysztof Czerwiński Więzy krwi "Blood ties", Poland
Le fate ignoranti, Israel
La Pudeur ou l'impudeur, France
Le Paradis, France
Le Protocole compassionnel, France
Les bien-aimés, France
Les nuits fauves, France
Les témoins, France
L'Homme au chapeau rouge, France
Les idoles, France
Light Infection, Germany
Lovers: Ten Years On, India/Canada/UK
Make Up, Germany
Mandalina Kabuklari, Turkey
Máscaras (serie), Spain
Mauvais sang, France
Meine Freiheit, deine Freiheit, Germany
Mémoires d'un jeune homme devenu vieux, France
Memory Books - Damit du mich nie vergisst, Germany
Miguel de la O, Spain
Molecules leap in (Aids), Germany
Mon Sida, France
Murteza Elgin leaving the hospital where he was segregated, Turkey
New Blood, Denmark/Norway
Newsroom 1986-2000, Poland/Switzerland/USA
No one sleeps, Germany
Nothing to Lose viii, Nigeria/UK/USA
Nowhere, Cyprus
Numb by numbers, Norway
o.M., Germany
Operación mari-quita el 92: gais contra el 92, Spain
Paris 05:59: Théo & Hugo, France
Pasos (Steps), Chile/France
Piotr taking his AIDS medication , USA/Germany
Plus/Minus, Poland
Plus i minus (+i-), Poland
Pomorski Festiwal Krótkich Filmów o HIV, Poland
Portrait of Derek Jarman, UK
Postcard to Daddy, Germany
Powerless Structures, Figure 19, Denmark/Norway/Germany
Pozitif Yazılar, Turkey
Positiv, Germany (BRD)
Pozytywni, Poland
Princess Diana, UK
Projektionen auf die Krise - Gauweilerei in München, Germany
Que Mon Coeur Lache, France
RADIANT PRESENCE - Day With(out) Art, Netherlands, Turkey, UK
Red, Blue & Yellow, or: For Uwe who is still looking at me, Germany
Resource Room, UK
Restricted Sensation, Lithuania
Rien n'oblige à répéter l'histoire, France
Safer use safer sex jetzt, Germany
Same Same But Different, Germany
Sang damné, France
Υγειονομική Βόμβα / Sanitary Bomb, Greece
Schweigen = Tod (Silence = Death), Germany (BRD)
Schweine müssen nackt sein, Germany
SID A IDS, France
Sid'Amour à mort, France
Sid'Aventure, France
SIDA DA, Spain
Songs in the Key of Kuchu, Germany/Uganda
Sonponnoi, Nigeria/UK
Sorry Angel, France
Sovnen, Norway
Stelen (Columns), Germany/USA
Stigma, Denmark/Germany/Norway/UK
Stigma (series), Netherlands
Suaves se revelan, ásperas cuidan, todas se tocan… (Gently revealing, caring hard, all touching... ), Spain
Tab Series, Turkey
Temporary tattoo, Turkey
The Persistence Of Plastic, Finland
Themba - Das Spiel seines Lebens, Germany
Tkaf, France/Morocco/Switzerland
Tolerancja, Poland
Tom of Finland - drawings gay men, Finland
Torka aldrig tårar utan handskar /Never dry tears without gloves, Sweden
Trafieni. 7 opowiadań o AIDS, Poland
The Universe of Keith Haring, France/Italy
The Ward, UK
This is Not an AIDS Advertisement, UK
They Called it Love, But Was it Love?, UK/India
Tout contre Léo, France
Tu, sempre, France
Tunten lügen nicht, Germany
Une visite inopportune, Argentina/France
Untitled, Turkey
Untitled (Posters from Resource Room), UK
Untitled (Tema Aids Series), Norway
Uwe, Carlos - und Trauer, Germany
Vergolde deinen Schwanz, Germany
Viral Landscape No.3 , UK
Vivre avec – Leben mit, Switzerland
Während des Todeskampfes geht der Verkauf weiter, Germany
We Are the People, Denmark/Vietnam
We can be heroes, just for one day, Germany
Why We Must Provide HIV Treatment Information, Germany
Wieża Ratuszowa, Poland
Willkommen im Dom, Germany