Oral history

For the oral history part of the EHAA, we are in the process of developing an extensive collection of audio- and video-recorded interviews on engagements with HIV/AIDS in Germany, Poland, Turkey, the UK and on the European level. These interviews will add to those collections of interviews that are already available or are also currently in development in select European countries. Concretely, the oral histories from EUROPACH will be combined with oral histories gathered as part of the research project "Don’t criminalize passion!" and by members of the Arbeitskreises AIDS-Geschichte ins Museum of the Deutsche AIDS-Hilfe. We hope that the framing and existence of this oral history repository will enable reflection using these and other collections to better understand the history of HIV/AIDS and generally the politics of health in the European region. With the EHAA, we aim to commemorate, document and learn from activist, civil society and other policy-maker efforts in the field of HIV/AIDS or in closely related areas, such as concerning sex work, drug policy, LGBT rights or the health and legal status of migrants or prisoners. By creating a space to share, compare and gather these stories, the oral history archive will offer a living memory of the contemporary HIV/AIDS history in the 21st century. Access to oral history interviews will be possible in the final phase of the project.


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