Justyna Struzik

Justyna Struzik has received her PhD in sociology from the Institute of Sociology at Jagiellonian University in Cracow, with the thesis “Queer Movements in Poland”. Currently she is a Postdoctoral researcher in the project “Disentangling European HIV/AIDS Policies: Activism, Citizenship and Health”. Between 2013-2016, she coordinated an international project on Polish migrants in Norway (TRANSFAM). She has participated in numerous research projects focused on discrimination and inequalities in an intersectional perspective, with special attention given to sexual identity, gender, and place of residence. She is a co-author of two studies on social situation of non heterosexual women living in small towns and rural areas of Poland (2012, 2015, together with Natalia Sarata and Ewa Furgał), and a co-director of a documentary „Trans-mission” about legal difficulties encountered by a transsexual person in Polish society (2008, together with Julie Land). She co-authored Róznym głosem. Rodziny z wyboru w Polsce (In Different Voices. Families of Choice in Poland, 2017, with Joanna Mizielińska and Agnieszka Król). She is a member of the board in Przestrzeń Kobiet Foundation (Women's Room Foundation). Her research interests are social movements, sexuality, gender.