Friederike Faust

Friederike Faust has an M.A. (Magistra Atrium) in Cultural and Social Anthropology, Political Science and German Studies from the University of Heidelberg.

For her PhD, she joined the department of European Ethnology at Humboldt University, Berlin. Her thesis focuses on the intersection of sports, gender and activism, and investigates how gender relations are problematized within the social field of football. As a researcher and volunteer, she joined the women’s football and women’s rights organization “Discover Football”, where she conducted long-term fieldwork on the political strategies and tactics that were employed in relation to gender, and more broadly on the group’s engagements with sports and gender policies. Her current research interest is on the different shapes of activism and NGOs, the interaction between civil society and the state, as well as on the temporality and social life of policies.