Açılış: Pozitif Alan

01 Aralık 2018 - 02 Şubat 2019 tarihleri arasında Amerikan HastanesiOperation Room” Sanat Galerisi’nde izlenebilecek olan “Pozitif Alan” sergisi, kaydeden, ayrıştıran, kabul eden, reddeden, bulaşan ve yayılan öznel bedenlerin karşısında ideolojik ve medikal bedeni, görünürlük ve damgalanma, kurban ve suçlu halleri, haz ve hastalık gibi HIV/AIDS’le doğrudan ilişkilenen konuları tartışmaya açar. Sergi “pozitif olmayı” olumluyor olsa da, AIDS’i bir “metafor” olarak görme hakkını da elinde tutar. Bulaştığı hücreyi yok etmeyen, onu savunmasız hale getiren baskılanmamış HIV, eril tahakkümün, biyoiktidarın pratiklerini de hatırlatır. “Pozitif Alan”, bu pratiklere karşı yeni bulaşma teknolojileri arar. Alper Turan’ın küratörlüğünde gerçekleşecek olan sergi, video, yağlı boya, kolaj, heykel, yerleştirme ve fotoğraf gibi farklı medyaları kullanan sanatçıların işlerini birbirleriyle temas ettirecek ve bir “anlamlar epidemiği” olan HIV/AIDS’i deşifre etmeyi amaçlayacak.
Katılımcı Sanatçılar:
Ardıl Yalınkılıç, Artık İşler, Can Küçük, Ceren Saner, Furkan Öztekin, Elmgreen&Dragset, Güneş Terkol, İz Öztat, Leyla Gediz, Nihat Karataşlı, Onur Karaoğlu, Özgür Erkök Moroder, Pınar Marul, Sabo, Sadık Arı, Serdar Soydan, Ünal Bostancı. Grafik Tasarım: Umut Altıntaş. Sergi Tasarımı: Doruk Çiftçi

Opening: Positive Space, Istanbul

The exhibition 'Positive Space', which runs from December 1, 2018 and February 2, 2019 in the American Hospital Art Gallery 'Operation Room' in Istanbul, and has been curated by Alper Turan, "interests in attributing a collective face to the virus and doesn’t care about protecting the ‘sterile’ other. The title is derived from a term used for the focal point of visual art compositions. It asks the spectator to get involved and is opposed to presenting a negative space to them. It...also opens discussions about themes, directly related to HIV/AIDS, such as visibility and stigma, victimhood and guilt, pleasure and disease as well as subjective bodies recording, separating, accepting and rejecting, infecting and spreading in opposition to ideological and medical bodies. Even though the exhibition affirms ‘positivity,’ it reserves the right to see AIDS as a metaphor. The unrepressed HIV does not destroy the cell, it attacks and emaciates it, just like masculine domination or bio-power practices do. 'Positive Space' looks for new contamination technologies against these practices." Participating Artists: Ardıl Yalınkılıç, Artık İşler, Can Küçük, Ceren Saner, Furkan Öztekin, Elmgreen&Dragset, Güneş Terkol, İz Öztat, Leyla Gediz, Nihat Karataşlı, Onur Karaoğlu, Özgür Erkök Moroder, Pınar Marul, Sabo, Sadık Arı, Serdar Soydan, and Ünal Bostancı. Graphic Design: Umut Altıntaş Exhibition Design: Doruk Çiftçi

A research visit in the EMCDDA

One of the EUROPACH post-doctoral researchers - Justyna Struzik - was a guest researcher at the European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction in Lisbon. During her visit, she focused on the developments of harm reduction programs in Poland and in the CEE region. Struzik participated also in Drug-Related Deaths expert meeting and conducted some interviews with professionals working in harm reduction programs. 

Non-academic partner (AP) Kaos GL reports on the EUROPACH project

Our non-academic partner (AP) Kaos GL reports on EUROPACH and the research team's recent meeting with them at the University of Basel on September 10th, 2018. In addition to EUROPACH team members, representatives from Kaos GL, IKGV (HRDF), Pembe Hayat LGBT (Pink Life LGBT) and Pozitif-iz participated in the meeting. The report discusses the importance of EUROPACH's artwork and policy instrument archives, and emphasizes the project's oral history interviews, which are being carried out in Poland, Turkey, Germany, the UK and on the European level, as particulary helpful for their work. The EUROPACH project's soon-to-be-published interactive map also gets a lot of attention in the report. The complete text from the report can be found here.

Text on Queer Politics by EUROPACH's Zülfukar Çetin

A new English-language anthology "The Queer Intersectional in Contemporary Germany Essays on Racism, Capitalism and Sexual Politics", which was edited and has an introduction by Christopher Sweetapple, includes an essay by EUROPACH's Zülfukar Çetin entitled "The Dynamics of Queer Politics and Gentrification in Berlin". "The essays in this volume represent a small snapshot of writers working at this point of convergence between anti-racist and queer politics and scholarship from the context of Germany."

"The ongoing brink of transformation" - Session at the International Society for Ethnology and Folklore conference

EUROPACH team members Friederike Faust (Humboldt University), Justyna Struzik (Jagiellonian University) and Zülfukar Çetin (University of Basel) convene a session at the 14th International Society for Ethnology and Folklore conference (SIEF2019) to be held in Santiago de Compostela, Spain from 14-17 April 2019 with the theme "Track Changes: Reflecting on a Transforming World". The title of their session is "The ongoing brink of transformation - persistent activist aspirations of the same unachieved future" and the short abstract reads, "The panel explores the persistence of activists in the context of constant unachieved goals. We discuss the role of emotions, technologies and social memory in shaping aspirations of future transformation, and possible aberrations in a linear narration of social movements' success." The call for papers, posters and AV media are now open and will close on 15 October 2018 so to read the elaborated asbtract and/or propose a paper, click here.

EUROPACH at the 2018 European African HIV/AIDS & Hepatitis C Community Summit

Just prior to the International AIDS Conference to be held in Amsterdam this year, EUROPACH researchers will present material at the European African HIV/AIDS & Hepatitis C Community Summit. The talk, entitled "Europe’s “integrity” on migration, HIV/AIDS and the body politic", will rely on rulings by the European Court of Human Rights to explore HIV in relation to the politics of migration. If you attend the conference, be sure to add this to your schedule!

International Conference on the Social Sciences and Humanities in HIV, Amsterdam 23 July

As part of a panel on "Activism and organisations", join for a EUROPACH presentation at the AIDS 2018 pre-conference and 4th International Conference on the Social Sciences and Humanities in HIV (full program available here) entitled "The Witness Seminar as a Method for Recording HIV/AIDS Histories" from 9:45-11:00 on Monday 23 July. The theme of this year's conference is "Intensifying the Social in the Biomedical Era".

EUROPACH at the ISA World Congress of Sociology in Toronto

Justyna Struzik will share selected Europach findings in her presentation on 'Polish HIV/AIDS Organizations through the Lens of Various Social Actors’ Biographies' during a poster session 'Biographies in Organizations – Organizations in Biographies' at the XIX ISA World Congress of Sociology in Toronto. Click here to learn more about the session. 

Zülfukar Çetin reviews Henning Tümmers' "AIDS. Autopsie einer Bedrohung im geteilten Deutschland"

For German speakers, have a look at the recently published review by EUROPACH's Zülfukar Çetin of the book "AIDS. Autopsie einer Bedrohung im geteilten Deutschland" ("AIDS. The autopsy of a threat in divided Germany") by Henning Tümmers: "Mit seiner Studie leistet Henning Tümmers eine umfassende vergleichende und verflechtungsgeschichtliche Analyse der Aids-Politik in der Bundesrepublik und der DDR während der 1980er-Jahre...Das selbstgesteckte Ziel, "eine Brücke zwischen Zeit- und Medizingeschichte [zu] schlagen" (S. 16), hat der Autor jedenfalls auf eindrückliche und anregende Weise erreicht."

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